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Oct 30, 2019

The Training team (Chris, Lisa, Rich and Phil) discuss in great detail the importance of name games, when to use them and what their "go-to" activities are for learning participant names. This is in response to a question sent in by Megan Meinen of UVM. Thanks Megan for the great question!

Oct 23, 2019

Marty took some time after taking an ACCT Level 2 Certification Exam to chat with Phil about adaptive programming, the joy of "getting" to go to work instead of "having" to go to work and shares his challenges with operating a challenge course.

Oct 16, 2019

Lisa Hunt, Senior Trainer and Manager of Team Development, discusses the difference between real and fake jobs that we give to our participants when operating a challenge course with the desire to manage behavior.


Find the conversation between Lisa and Ken Demas here:

Oct 9, 2019

Amy talks with Phil about her advice to students when embarking on a career in experiential education, thoughts on the future of the industry and also a couple of tips and insights on Climer Cards.

Oct 2, 2019

Chris, Director of Training and Team Development, speaks with Karen (Assistant Director) and Patrick (Head Counselor) about the history of Camp Agawam, building a new challenge course and how it benefits both the campers and the staff who operate it.