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Feb 22, 2022

Mark Suroviec (WorkPlay Solutions) joins Phil to discuss;

- Finding joy in creating team experiences

- The right time to try a new activity

- Staying curious in our industry

Learn more about Mark -

Listen to his podcast - WorkPlay Solutions Podcast

Connections before Content - Virtual Workshop -...

Feb 15, 2022

Kirsten Locke (Koala Tree) joins Phil to discuss;

- Being an Arborist and the supportive world of arboriculture

- Living life adventurously and asking for help along the way

- Protecting your body using mobility and strength training

Learn more about Kirsten at her Instagram - @brave.roots

Learn more about Koala Tree -...

Feb 8, 2022

Scott Catucci (Associate Director - Outdoor Education / Student Development at Syracuse University) joins Phil to discuss;

- Volunteering for AEE

- Experiential Learning through music

- Esports and Video games relationship to experiential learning

Learn more about Syracuse's Recreation programs -

Feb 1, 2022

Phil recently attempted to ski for the 1st time. In the process he reflected on 4 things that he noticed about being a new learner;

- Having patience for the speed of how you learn

- The more details shared the better

- The effect the environment has on your learning

- A word that should stay away from learning...