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Mar 30, 2021

Rachel Hailey of Rachel Hailey & Associates Consulting joins us on the podcast to talk about her early experiences with the outdoors, the work she does consulting on DEI topics and her hope for future generations.

Find more about Rachel here:

Mar 16, 2021

Todd Brown (Director of Challenge Course Services, High 5) and Ian Doak (Assistant Director of Challenge Course Services, High 5) discuss with Phil the process of a new installation of a challenge course; 

- What our program design process looks like

- How to budget for a new program

- How to find the perfect location


Mar 2, 2021

Phil chats with fellow facilitator and podcaster Leanne Hughes about how she began in facilitation, her advice for emerging professionals and how we describe the work we do; Facilitator vs Trainer vs Educator. 

Find Leanne's podcast by searching First Time Facilitator and find more information about her work on her...