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Apr 26, 2022

Josh Nadzam (Co-founder of On The Move Art Studio) joins Phil to discuss;

- Discovering the power of facilitation

- Growing as a facilitator

- Facilitating dialogue sessions and why it is so novel

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Apr 19, 2022

Joe Hirsch (Ted X Speaker and Author of "The Feedback Fix) joins Phil to discuss;

- The qualities of positive and negative feedback

- Moving from a feedback to a feedforward mindset

- The feedback wrap

- How we can empower our participants and colleagues using feedback

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Apr 12, 2022

Myriam Hadnes ( joins Phil to discuss;

- The importance of leaders role modeling vulnerability

- The work before the work, assessing the needs of your clients

- Why doing things you have never done before can enhance your facilitation skills

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Apr 5, 2022

The training team gather to discuss;

- Facilitating a 1-day challenge course experience

- Facilitating a multi-day challenge course experience

- Advice on challenge course programming

How to contact us:

Phil Brown - OR @verticalplaypen on Instagram

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